My First Project with My Digital Studio

In the last 8 hours, I’ve become completely distracted with Stampin’ Up’s My Digital Studio software. My sister bought it for me as a Christmas present. At the time, my computer had a dead fan and was close to complete failure, so I didn’t install the software. I figured I’d wait for the new machine. The new machine came in March, but I had work to do (and no overwhelming need to make a card) so I never got the software installed.

Next week, I’m going to a Stampin’ Up regional conference as the guest of my sister (who is a demonstrator). Typically, attendees bring card samples to swap with one another. I figured I didn’t have time to get anything done, and I’m not sure I could tell you which box my craft supplies are in anyway. No big deal, I figured.

Suddenly last night however, I remembered the My Digital Studio software, and I realized that I could probably design some cards in time since I could rely on the printer to help me. Okay, my software designs won’t be as cute and complicated as the handcrafted ones, but something is better than nothing. Besides, I figure demonstrators need examples to convince people to buy the software just as much as they need examples to convince people to buy the rubber stamps.

Thanksgiving Place Card Sample 1So over there on the right, you have my first creation. It’s meant to be a Thanksgiving Place Card, which could be printed out on an inkjet business card. Okay, I grant that it’s the kind of thing your average 5-year-old could create with paper and glue, but hey, it was my first project with a new piece of software, so I’m allowing myself not to be Martha Stewart-level designer yet.

For any Stampin’ Up folks who want the details, it uses Grosgrain Ribbon for the brim (Basic Black) and the stripe (Crushed Curry). The buckle is Styled Silver Hodgepodge Hardware – square. Background is Always Artichoke Stripe. The solid is Always Artichoke. There’s a square punch (Basic Black) for the hat, and the text (Arial Black) is in Crushed Curry with a 50% drop shadow.

I hope to learn a bit more about the software in the next few days and then make it a bit more sophisticated before we leave for the conference. If you have suggestions to jazz it up or pointers for the software, let me know. I’ve only been playing with it for 3 hours, so I have plenty I need to learn.